Nena P.

Nena P.

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Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Nena P.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

The tutor who will motivate you to learn and speak

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Preis Ab 15 €/HR
Wunschzeitraum: vormittags, nachmittags, abends, Wochenende



Hello everyone! My name is Nevena Popovic (or simply Nena) , and I come from a neighboring country of Serbia, but currently I live in Slovakia. I have been an English language teacher for almost half my life (I can`t believe that it`s almost 16 years now). I hold a TESOL Certificate, but my experience doesn`t only come from getting that certification. It comes also from years of working with children, teens, and adults. I love teaching and one thing I will help you to is to find the best way to use all of your accumulated knowledge to express yourselves and maybe learn some new skills along the way.

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