Arindam C.

Arindam C.

Responds within 35 hrs, to 80% of messages
80% 35 HR
Ab 18 €/HR
Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Arindam C.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Dedicated JAVA, OOP, C/C++ and Informatik subject tutoring and help for projects and assignments only in English

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  • Wunschzeitraum: abends, Wochenende
Preis Ab 18 €/HR
Wunschzeitraum: abends, Wochenende



I am a professional software engineer mainly working on Enterprise technologies with expertise in Java. Have strong proficiency in C/C++ and Python and web technologies. Have experience working with webservices, Design patterns, json and xml parsers and APIs.
Tutoring and helping students is something that I deeply enjoy as I love to see people achieving high results with the right guidance and help.
I have long experience teaching informatik , Electrical, Mathematics and computer science subjects to students of up to bachelor level. I have helped students with bachelor thesis, projects and assignments. I have also worked as a Java and OOP trainer in the IT industry and as a personal coach preparing for Job interviews specifically for Java and related technologies.
Teaching, communication and coaching is only possible in English.

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Henry T.

Henry T.

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Arindam was kind all the time and patient in order to explain you every detail of the problem. Despite the short time we have to solve the problem, he was able to manage most part of it and explain it to me. All the assistance was by video call and it worked perfect. Highly recommended for any programming assignment, even in Assembler. You won't regret it.

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Arindam C.

Informatik C++

hallo, ich brauche jemanden, der mir dabei helfen kann, C++ zu lernen und meine Aufgaben an der Uni zu korrigieren.