Soňa Z.

Soňa Z.

Soňa Z.

SKYPE English Intermediate to Advanced (B1-C1)

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Only SKYPE teaching available

For more information, please, email me directly at sona.zanova @ (without the gaps)

I really love teaching, and the more communicative it is, the better :)
With my students, I use a variety materials - from videos, textbooks, and TED talks to podcasts, newspaper articles, games, etc. Generally, authentic materials would be my first choice, and I do believe we could find a way of learning that would fit your needs.
I focus on teaching adults and young adults especially (my German is limited).

My experience:
4+ years of full-time teaching of English at universities in Austria and Slovakia
CAE Advanced Certificate C2 level
CAE Course Instructor and Invigilator
Teaching Knowledge Test Cambridge (highest Band 4 in Modules 1-3)
MA studies of English Language + an ongoing PhD studies
tutoring/teaching of intermediate - advanced (B1-C2) students
experience with private tutoring and language school teaching
Skype teaching experience

Looking forward to teaching you!