Monika P.

Monika P.

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Monika P.

Learn English without stress - 5 years of experience

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  • Ab  25 €/HR
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Preis Ab 25 €/HR
Wunschzeitraum: vormittags, nachmittags, abends, Wochenende


Let's learn language with ease and fun.

Me as a Teacher:
♡ I am passionate about helping people to be able to communicate with each other easily and naturally.

♡ I am focussed on you, as an individual, to help you to learn and to develop in the areas you wish to.

♡ I am patient, personable, warm and friendly and will work with you to achieve the goals we set.

♡ I believe learning should be relevant to your life; we will have many conversations about topics that are of interest to you and that are important to you in your life.

♡ I also believe learning should be fun - role plays are a great ways of getting you ready for situations you will find yourself in.

My Lessons & Teaching Style:
♡Initially I would like to have a trial lesson with you to discuss what areas you wish to improve in.

♡ My lessons mainly consist of conversation between the two of us, during which we will discuss different vocabulary that is possible, improving register, tone and grammar.

♡ Part of my lesson is a weekly newsletter which will enrich your vocabulary and remind you to have a look at the materials that we discussed during our lessons.

My working experience:
♡ 5 years of teaching English

♡ 2 years of Skype (online) lessons

♡ 2 years of teaching Business English

♡ 2 years of teaching English and Mindfulness techniques

My education:
♡ University: Master's degree in International relations and Diplomacy

Looking forward to seeing or hearing you!:)



25 € / 55 Min.

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