Adrianna S.

Adrianna S.

Ab 35 €/HR
Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Adrianna S.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

3D fashion design and sewing in Klagenfurt Land

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Preis Ab 35 €/HR
Wunschzeitraum: vormittags, nachmittags, abends, Wochenende



What I can teach you:
1) Creating 3D fashion designs and animations in the CLO3D software.
2) Sewing of different types of clothing or accessories, home decor.

About me:
After five years of experience as a fashion designer for the biggest polish apparel company, I now have my own business working as a freelance 3D designer and modelist.

I have great understanding of the apparel development process, having visited many factories in Bangladesh and China and overlooked the garment creation from inspiration to production and quality control.

In my free time I design and sew clothes and handbags.

Lessons in English.

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