Angelo A.

Angelo A.

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Angelo A.

Akzeptiert neue Schüler

Patient, Passionate, Flexible and Creative English, Spanish and Italian Teacher

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Hi! I’m Angelo, I have a major in philosophy and a postgraduate course in teaching English, besides other diplomas related to languages, writing and teaching Spanish as a foreign language (ELE).

I’ve been working as a teacher for more than ten years, teaching different subjects and in different places like Colombia, Canada, The United States… in varied levels: primary, high school, university and diverse institutes. That’s why issues related to education like patience, learning alternatives and strategies are nothing new for me, and the more I can learn, even from you, to apply into the learning process, the better. However, I have to say that a large part of my students have an intermediate and/or advanced level, they’re more interested in improve their use of language, so we usually focus on conversations, readings, writing, debates, grammar uses, expressions and culture.

At the moment I’m learning German, because I recently moved to Vienna, in Austria, so I understand what it comes to learn a new language and what it means: uses, grammar, rules, expressions, culture. German would be the fifth language that I’d speak; among Spanish which is my mother tongue, Italian (language of my ancestors), English, and Creole, spoken in some islands in the Caribbean.



Englisch. Spanisch.

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