Pavithren V.

Pavithren V.

Відповідає протягом 21 години на 67% повідомлень.
67% 21 год.
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Pavithren V.

Приймає нових учнів

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I am a PhD candidate at a Digital Health Institute in Salzburg and come from sunny and buzzing Singapore.
Before this, I worked as a Technology Consultant at a Japanese multinational corporation for around five years and focused on Cloud Computing.

I have been trained and have experience in hardware and software engineering, human-computer interaction, and user-centred design.

I can teach subjects (like English, Maths, and Physics) till the high school level. In the area of software and electronics, I can teach the basics of Python, Flutter, and Java Programming and prototyping with Raspberry PI, Arduino, Wearable Sensors and home automation so that you can kickstart your DIY projects.

Feel free to contact me to discuss how we can customize your learning needs. Looking forward to hearing from you.

Типи уроку

Conversational English for beginners

If you are new to english, fret not, I can guide you to master daily basics to get you started with speaking English confidently.

35 € / 55 хв.

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