Tutor Interview: Daniela P.

Tutor Interview: Daniela P.

Опубліковано: 20.02.2017 Автор: Ms D.

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Tutor interview with: Daniela P.

When did you start tutoring and more importantly, why did you start?
I've been an English Teacher for about 6 years now, including 3 years working for the American International School of Vienna. Just about last summer I came across with Meet and Learn Website and decided to teach privately while I was still on my Karenz period. I've met so many nice parents and helped some many students to excel at their English Skills.

What did you study and where?
I've finished my College in Liberal Arts in the USA and hold a TESOL Trinity College Certification.

Are you tutoring over the long-term?
I guess so

What do most of your students need help with? What subjects to you teach?
Most of my students struggles with Grammar understanding. My subject is English.

Does every student need an individual tutoring method or can the same approach be used with most of them?
Definitely when you tutor someone for the very first time, you can identify their weakness and strengths. So then you can tailor made the lessons according to their needs as everyone has different needs.

Did it ever happen that you could not help out a student you were tutoring?

What is the most interesting thing that happened to you in your tutoring career?
One of my students has become a babysitter for our kids. We just connected so well and the kids love her.