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Mario A.

Accepts new students

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Preferred times: mornings, midday, evenings, weekend


My name is Mario studied in Dubai for seven years, two years in Prague and finished a PhD. in Zilina, publishing more than 16 scientific international publications. I worked in Finland at the embassy, and publicly presenting in more than 15 countries. Experience from UNIDO (Vienna) gave me an opportunity to understand people and their needs in life. That was a time where I realized that people are calling for help and at the same time where teaching and mentoring became my passion. We work with different people on an international level, removing social phobias, increasing intensity of concentration, helping people to understand the essence of life as this is the main success. Psychologists have confirmed that if you deal with a specific problem and talk about it in a foreign language, it’s easier to solve it as you see it from a different perspective.

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