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Negin Attar
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 Englisch, Wirtschaftsenglisch / Businessenglisch, Maths, Finanzmathematik
 8010 (Eggersdorf bei Graz)
  20€ - 30€ für 60 Minuten
  vormittags, nachmittags, abends, Wochenende,
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Hello, my name is Negin Attar and I am originally from Iran. I am currently working as a PhD student of Accounting, Taxation and Regulation at the University of Graz. I have studied my bachelor at American University of Sharjah in UAE and my master in Accounting and Finance in Manchester Business School, United Kingdom. I have used to teach for one year in Dubai in International Training Institute in addition to private tutoring.
If you need any help in English and Maths from elementary to high school or any business courses from high school to university, I would be glad to provide you with that.


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