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Tereza Salandova
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 9500 (Villach)
  10€ - 20€ für 60 Minuten
  vormittags, nachmittags, abends,
  Nachhilfe an deinem Wunschort
  bietet auch Gruppenunterricht an
  70% Antwortrate

Hello everyone!

My name is Terezka and I am originally from the Czech Republic. At the moment I am pursuing a Master's Degree at the CUAS in Villach and meeting tons of amazing international people. I am very open to exploring the world and I lived in England and the USA altogether for almost two years and on top of that I spent half a year in Germany.
I love languages and besides English and Czech I also speak German and have a basic knowledge of Spanish and Russian. My hobbies include music, watching american tv shows and cooking :) Oh, and I am a big panda-lover! :)

I am very looking forward to meeting you!



My primary and preferred location is Villach, I can commute to Klagenfurt, Feldkirchen and Spittal, other places are accessible via Skype conference only.
Thank you!


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